Advan Matthew

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia


Advan is no stranger to art since his birth in September 13 1988. Being exposed to art particularly in music by his father, he spent his life as pianist through jazz band, symphonic band, and recitals; while simultaneously he would perform as vocalist in chorus and show choir in between Indonesia and United States. When he turned 20, he started developing interest in photography during his study in Australia. By 21, he has started working full time as photographer.

Until now, Advan has been taking assignments from both commercial and personal clients. Advan has been working for international clients from Australia, Malaysia, and India. He has showcased 9 exhibitions in Indonesia. One of the defining moment was his “A Study of Light: GRAY” (2013) exhibition whereas he presented 27 photographs depicting gender ambiguities in the forms of masculine women and feminine men. The subjects vary mostly renowned supermodels, icons, actresses, and his personal muses.