Yasir Bawazier

Location: Bali, Indonesia


Yasir Bawazier has spent 10 years working as a fashion designer that a focus mainly on woman’s ready to wear collection. The last post was with Australian label, Shakuhachi based in Sidney.

He is born and raised in Indonesia and has been lived in Amsterdam, India, Paris, Mexico and Bali. He earned his bachelor degree from prestigious fashion school in Amsterdam, AMFI in 2004 and earned his master degree in Paris in 2012 that gave him accesses to few internship stints in Paris fashion houses.

With these set of skills and experiences as his background, he managed to combine the best of both worlds; the western-savvy of fashion trends and tailoring with the craftsmanship of textile industry and affordable garment manufacturing of his home country.

Bleach Project was created in the fall of 2013 as an idea to provide a comfortable menswear that is edgy and sporty at affordable price point. The label started as a small t-shirt brand with few designs that provides for the local market, now we have developed into full seasonal collection with stockists all over the world. At the moment, we are stocked in 4 different countries, which include main cities such as Bali, Jakarta, New York, Oslo, Hong Kong and Melbourne.

It is based in Bali-Indonesia, given it has the charm as the paradise for touristic getaway; it’s been the best-kept secret of international fashion industry for many years. It provides the resources for garment manufacturing of high quality at low prices. On that note, we have our own garment production facility and we watched closely the quality control from sampling to the finished products.

We are blessed with great reviews from social media sphere and fashion enthusiasts since the very beginning. We can thank social medias and the Internet to create our brand awareness and elevate our brand position in the streetwear market. We have commitment to make our brand and product to be the best there is in the market. Sporty chic is our DNA and we tend to bring our collection to the next level each season.