Fashion Films

Litany, A Nature Copycat

Led by Luki Ali, LITANY offers an array of handmade jewelry that is dedicated to bring personal signature for people who love the idea of a humble life. In creating LITANY, Luki is mostly inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds him. That notion brings him to design beautiful and well-crafted handmade jewellery, making LITANY the talk of the scene.

Collaborating with PORTEViLEM, we produce a fashion film that not only highlight the subtly elegant pieces of LITANY, but also the metaphorical story behind the enigmatic brand. This fashion film tells a tale about 3 women from different eras; Gayatri, Yosani, and Venya, who are trying to escape from each of their own miseries. These three women are one soul traversing the time through reincarnation and bound together by one LITANY ring.