Fashion Films

The Withering Jubilance

In a not so distant future of Jakarta, a dystopian reality where food is becoming scarce, causing the deaths of millions of people in the country. There is one girl who is trying to survive, trying to maintain her sanity with an old school radio.  Forget about basic supply, she prefers listening to good music togo through her lonely days. The question is: Could this old technology save her life? 

This short film debuts Saffron Llewellyn as the main character, modernist fashion by Argyle and Oxford and make up artistry of Natalia TirtaThe film features a very optimistic tunes from Ardneks and Lomboy – along with satirical guest radio voiceover by Neonomora and Kendra Ahimsa.



Jordan Marzuki - DIRECTOR
Velda Anabela - STYLIST
Natalia Tirta - HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST