Fashion Films


Inspired by the synecdoche ‘pars pro toto’, latin for ‘a part (taken) for the whole’, “TOTEMS” is a fashion film created for Runway Hits of Senayan City Fashion Nation 10th Edition featuring 5 young visionary designers and brands from South East Asia, which are Danjyo-Hiyoji and Rinda Salmun from Indonesia, Max Tan from Singapore, Wong by Jimmy Wong from Malaysia, and Wonder Anatomie from Thailand.

An imaginary story of a girl trapped in a white room trying to rediscover the colors of life. As she walks, she finds five different totems in the corner of the room - where each of the totems represents the characteristics and DNA of the 5 designers. The red wine, the sticks and string loom, the dripping mirror, the candle, as well as the kokedama, are ‘pars pro toto’ - and every time she touches it, she soars into the world of fantasy and peculiar moments that illustrate the designers ideas and concept for their collection.



Narya Abhimata - DIRECTOR
Andandika Surasetja - STYLIST & ART DIRECTOR
Marina Tasha - MAKE UP ARTIST