VISIONARE invites two notable fashion figures & creatives to engage in an in-depth conversation about current issues in fashion and beauty industry. Juxtaposition is not only skin-deep.  


Digital Activist

VISIONARE shares the profile of today's social media influencers, tastemakers and key opinion leaders in relation with the current issues in fashion. 




We set our officers on the loose at various fashion events, patrolling and interrogating the unsuspecting crowds. It's witty and hysterical! 


(Read: 1 on 1) are intimate and raw conversations with select fashion figures where they talk about personal experiences and career choices.

Style Guide

Trends come and go but a good style is always in fashion. We put together great fashion styling ideas in true, narrative-driven VISIONARE flair.


Rapid Fire!

We ask fashion figures and creatives series of questions that we fire at top speed, from dead serious to downright silly. It's fun, unscripted and full of surprises!

Mind Map

Let's find out what springs to their minds when we ask a group of fashion figures and creatives to play the word-association game!

How to Survive

It's a jungle out there in the fashion world. One must be very well-equipped to survive this cutthroat industry. We recommend you to watch and learn!