Between the Sheets: Dikka & Vega

Meet Dikka & Vega, duo photographer and stylist that have become everyone's favorite couple.

Based in Los Angeles, Indonesian born and raised Dikka Afidick and Vega Alfirina are a creative powerhouse. This married couple stole everyone's heart not only with their charming personalities, but also their beautiful works which have been published in magazines by the likes of NYLON, L'Officiel, and others.

To find out more about Dikka and Vega, we drop by their place first thing in the morning to chit chat while having hearty breakfast. Much like many other couple, Dikka and Vega occasionally falls into an argument and once or twice a year, each of them plan their own 'me time' to maintain the sparks in their relationship.

Get to know more about their takes on photography, fashion styling, vintage items, and one of this year's most debated topic: same sex marriage!



Rieska Paramita - DIRECTOR