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Tri Handoko

Dive into human emotions with Tri Handoko via Amir Perdana's viewfinder

It is impossible to not be emotional while watching Tri Handoko's fashion presentation at IPMI Trend Show 2016. All 15 looks he has meticulously constructed are homage to various emotions every human possess. Titled 'Mind Game', he presents cut-out sleeveless blouse that is inspired by tailored suit in monochromatic palette.

Handoko states, "Human emotions are such interesting elements to be explored, be it happiness, sadness, or even disappointment. Our minds control those intangible entities and that's where 'Mind Game' comes from."

Tri Handoko is not trying to please anyone with his latest collection at IPMI Trend Show 2016. He creates his own eye candy, like a thunder in a midsummer night.